The regularization of arbitrary structures enables owners to secure their real estate and to manage it in a legal way, so as to transfer it | sell | rent without hindrance.

An important condition for the inclusion of the property in the regulation is that its carrier organization is completed by 28/07/2011 and not located in a protected area.

The law in force for subjecting a construction to the arbitrary rule is the 4495/2017, ‘Tackling Arbitrary Construction - Environmental Balance and other provisions, FEK 167A/ 03-11-2017.

The process of accession to Law 4495/2017 includes the following steps:

| structure on - site check 

| checking old building permits 

surveying + measurements of inside-out dimensions  

recording + calculation of fine in the arbitral system of the T.E.U.  

subrogation + payment of the deposit by the owner  

|  final allocation + repayment (lump sum or installments) of the fine

drawing up of plans - technical static check report/static adequacy study + electronic suspension of the arbitrary system

| Benefits of arranging arbitrary 

| arbitrarily regulated building fines are no longer imposed, other demolition penalties

| any transfer of immovable property (free, parental benefit, purchase, etc.) is possible

| building permits are issued on the property (under current legislation)