The technical office of Michael Politis undertakes the study of projects of various categories, with already significant experience in housing, business premises, shops, industrial units, listed buildings. The provision of services is based on the continuous information & essential knowledge on the urban planning legislation, as well as on the directness of the communication with the customer in order to achieve the optimal | economic viable solution in each technical project.

The basic tasks included in a building permit are:

| topographical

| architecture study

| structural design

| required approvals per case

the issue of all types of license is completed in full:

| approval / building permit

| construction of new buildings

| addition to existing construction

| change in usage

| regularization of arbitrary structures

| establishment and operation of commercial, industrial and manufacturing establishments

| restoration of listed buildings

| repair of buildings

| demolition

| internal layout

| small-scale jobs

| notification of the execution of works without authorization